A prenup can protect your child's inheritance

With life, comes experience. Experience can teach us how to handle situations and make decisions better as we get older. It can be wonderful to have a fresh start or a second chance if our initial choices did not pan out as hoped. Certainly, marriage is one area in which experience can be of great benefit.

Marriage, while extremely worthwhile, is not always easy. This is why so many couples wind up filing for divorce. Often, there are hard-earned lessons learned that can serve to make a subsequent marriage more successful.

It is not unusual for individuals who have been previously married to have acquired valuable property and assets over the years. They also may have commitments and strong bonds to family members from their previous marriages.

For these reasons, it can be extremely beneficial for a couple who is creating a blended family to draw up a prenuptial agreement. Bringing two families together under one roof can have its share of challenges. While ideally both families will come together to form a single unit, the reality is that each parent will likely feel loyalty to his or her biological children. As such, a prenuptial agreement can contain an estate planning component to help clarify issues of inheritance.

A prenup can cover many other important aspects of a marriage as well, such as educational planning, property division and allocation of retirement benefits. All of these issues tend to be more complicated for those who come into a new marriage with children and assets.

Creating a prenuptial agreement can help you enter your new marriage and family life with an extra measure of self-assurance. A Texas family law attorney could help you thoroughly review your situation in order to draw up a prenuptial agreement that could offer you and your family protection and peace of mind.

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