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Marriage is both a legal and emotional commitment

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

A marriage can go through many stages as it evolves. It is a dynamic process that offers many changes and challenges. There is the courtship stage, where two people discover they have strong feelings for one another.

Then there is the decision to make a marital commitment, followed by a wedding. Then comes the honeymoon stage that is often typified by a sense of unbridled optimism. At some point in the relationship, spouses may decide to have children and take on the responsibilities of parenthood.

With all of these exciting events taking place, it is easy to understand how the emotional aspects of marriage can overshadow everything else. However, what many couples overlook is the fact that marriage is not only an emotional commitment but a legal commitment as well.

This may not seem like the most romantic notion, but recognizing the legal ramifications of marriage can be extremely beneficial. For example, during the engagement stage of the relationship a couple can head off potential issues by creating a prenuptial agreement.

With a prenuptial agreement, both partners are given assurances as to what will transpire should the marriage not work out. This is important because it is when things don’t work out when the legal aspects of marriage take on a greater significance. This is especially true if the couple have children.

This is why it can be a good idea for married couples to establish a connection with a family law attorney. We at Regan Armstrong & Associates have the capacity to help married people with the key legal facets of marriage. Whether you are just beginning a marriage, or you are seeking advice on such family legal issues as asset division and child custody, we would be interested in discussing your needs and perhaps providing you with legal services.

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