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Prenuptial agreements can account for life changes

On Behalf of | May 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

Often couples entering a marriage cannot imagine their relationship will ever face serious difficulties. After all, if you have strong suspicions of trouble ahead, why tie the knot in the first place?

But through the course of any marriage, circumstances and feelings can change drastically. Couples who understand this often prepare for potential marital issues by drawing up and signing prenuptial agreements. Drawing up such an agreement is quite common and may prove a wise move should a couple later decide to go their separate ways.

The agreement needs not be static. As an article on the Huffington Post website explains, you can have stipulations added that take into account potential life changes. For example, a prenup could outline how such events as the birth of a child or an increase in wealth may activate changes in the agreement’s terms.

You could also specify how changes in a spouse’s health should affect the agreement. You could even include modifications that take effect upon certain milestones such as years of marriage.

A prenuptial agreement can provide both spouses with a measure of security when going into a marriage. And should things not work out as hoped, the prenup can help make the split and subsequent asset division go more smoothly.

But an effective prenup is one that is well thought out and written in clear terms. No matter how simple your approaching marriage may seem now, rest assured it will likely become more complicated as time goes by. A Texas family law attorney may be able to help you craft a prenuptial agreement that accommodates not only your present situation, but potential future changes as well.

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