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Open adoptions can benefit parents and children

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

Every child should have a stable and carefree homelife. Ideally, a child’s birth parents will be able to provide the nurturing environment necessary for the child to happily grow and develop. But sometimes circumstances dictate that a child must live with someone other than his or her birth parents.

Previously on this blog we discussed the concept of conservatorship, wherein the court grants guardianship of a child to a third party. But conservatorship is only one way in which third parties may be given the responsibility of caring for children. It is also possible for children who cannot live with their birth parents to be legally adopted.

But what if parents who have to put their child up for adoption but still want to retain contact with that child? In such a case, an arrangement can be created between the birth parents and adoptive parents that is known as an “open adoption.”

According to research, open adoptions can be beneficial for adopted children as well as others involved in the situation. However, sometimes this kind of unique arrangement can cause anxiety among family members. Such stresses are perfectly normal. Still, an open adoption is workable if adoptive and birth parents cooperate and stay focused on the child’s best interest.

But an open adoption needs structure in the form of a written agreement made between both sets of parents. Formulating ground rules ahead of time can set expectations, which will hopefully help maintain stability for the child.

If you need to work out the required legal details necessary to adopt a child, a Texas adoption lawyer may be able to offer you assistance. An attorney who is familiar with adoption procedures could offer support and guidance throughout this challenging process.

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