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Baseball player?s wife taken aback by divorce petition

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

After years of marriage, you may believe that you know what your spouse is thinking and how he or she is feeling. You may even think that you can anticipate every move your spouse is contemplating. So, if your spouse suddenly and unexpectedly files for divorce, you may be left feeling dazed and very hurt. In February, Katie Hamilton received a divorce petition filed by her husband, professional baseball player Josh Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton described herself as being “blindsided” by Mr. Hamilton’s actions. She says that she was always faithful to her husband and does not understand why he wants a divorce. Further, Mrs. Hamilton states that there was no serious conflict prior to the filing of the petition. She also says she still loves and supports her husband. Due to the size of Mr. Hamilton’s salary earned from playing baseball, the couple will likely be involved in a very high asset divorce. But behind all the fame and money, the Hamiltons are just like any other married couple who are going through the process of breaking up. At this point, the couple are only in the beginning stages of what might be a very complicated process. If you have found yourself on the receiving end of an unexpected divorce petition, you may be confused about what to do next. It is important to remember that even if you still have affection for your spouse, you also need to protect your interests.

A Texas family law attorney may be able offer advice and guidance as you move forward through this potentially challenging time of your life.

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Source: all player’s wife taken aback by divorce petition

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