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National Adoption Month 2014 emphasizes sibling relationships

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

The adoption process can be a very trying experience for a child who needs caring parents. As we have written previously, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is making a special effort to see that older children find good homes. While this is an important and laudable endeavor, it is also true that sometimes children who are eligible for adoption already have family members in the form of brothers and sisters.

Once a child is adopted, maintaining a connection with their siblings can be extremely important for their emotional well-being. November is National Adoption Month and as such, this very issue is being addressed. This year’s theme is “Promoting and Supporting Sibling Connections.” This theme recognizes that for many, sibling relationships are longer lasting than any other connection.

States are required to put forth an effort toward placing siblings into homes together. If they cannot be placed under one roof, accommodations should be made to ensure regular contact. However, because many adoptive parents are simply not able to take in a group of siblings, maintaining continued contact can prove difficult.

Adoption certainly can have its challenges. However, it can be a very attractive option for those wishing to become parents. It can also be an avenue for those who are already parents to take for expanding their households.

In either case, once you have chosen to bring someone into your home, there are legal requirements that you will have to adhere to. In order to understand all of the ramifications of adopting, you may wish to seek advice from a Texas attorney who handles adoption cases. The attorney could answer your questions as well as help you navigate the legal adoption process.

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