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Divorce can save money for couples in the long run

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Uncategorized

For any number of reasons, spouses may keep a marriage going long after the severing of their emotional connection. Perhaps it’s because they carry an “until death do us part” mindset. Maybe they remember what the relationship once was and hope that those days will somehow return. It could even be the fear of the unknown, especially if they have been together for a long period of time.

Even if both parties are ready to move on to something else, they may procrastinate for a long time before filing for a divorce. While this delay can obviously cause emotional stress, it can also worsen any financial issue the couple may have. The following are possible monetary stressors that can occur as a bad marriage drags on:

  • Paying counselors to fix an irreparable situation. A couple may sincerely want things to work out and seek the aid of counselors. Unfortunately, counseling may not provide the answers but it can provide some hefty bills.
  • Trying to grab all you can, while you can. Sometimes, if spouses have a good idea that the end of the marriage is near, they may both try to spend as much as possible before assets are divided by a court.
  • Trying to buy back the love. Purchasing gifts for a spouse or remaining silent as a spouse spends too much money may seem a good way to keep the peace, but it will also drain your bank account.
  • Not being on the same financial page. If a relationship has reached the point where the spouses are rarely communicating, then it can be very easy for both to overlook their collective best interests. This could involve simple things such as being aware of how much money is in a joint account or more complicated issues involving retirement funds and investments.

Taking the necessary steps toward divorce may initially be difficult or even frightening. But staying together in an endlessly unhappy situation is simply not healthy emotionally or financially.

If you are in a situation where divorce is a serious possibility, you may wish to consult with a Texas attorney who may be able to make useful recommendations.

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