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Prenup may help prevent bad online behavior after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

One of the benefits of being in a happy marriage is that you have someone with whom you can share your most personal feelings. In fact, trust is one of the most important components of any successful relationship. Sadly, not all marriages last and trust can devolve into acrimony. Prenuptial agreements are a recognition of this fact and can be crafted in such a manner as to help allay some post-marriage problems.

Prior to the Internet becoming such a dominant form of communication, disgruntled ex-spouses could do little more than kvetch directly to family and friends about their former mate. However, if someone now wants to cause an ex-partner pain or embarrassment, then social media sites like Facebook can provide an easy forum to do just that. Nothing could be simpler than uploading a picture taken in a compromising moment, or writing about an embarrassing secret and then hitting “send.”

Creating a prenuptial agreement with a clause regarding post-marriage social media behavior could help prevent the publishing of derogatory material. A financial adviser says that these clauses require specificity in order to best serve their function. She says the clause should include the names of websites. It should also mention the consent of posting videos and photos and define what would constitute offensive content.

A divorce can be complicated and filled with hard feelings. A prenuptial agreement can help set post-marriage expectations. Having a prearranged agreement may serve to simplify and speed up the divorce process. Further, a well-constructed prenup can serve to protect your interests regarding such matters as division of assets and child custody.

As happy as you may be when entering a marriage, you should consider the fact that things may not work out. A Texas attorney, who knows how to craft a detailed prenuptial agreement, may be able to help see that your future interests have protection.

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