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On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

Just when you thought your smartphone was an indispensible part of your life, we are pleased to inform our readers about several apps that can potentially may co-parenting easier. It is common for many newly divorced parents to struggle with getting things done, remembering everything and communicating with the other parent.  Indeed, these apps may not work in changing the way an ex may feel about you, or change the bad habits he (or she) developed before, but at least they may make life easier for you. 

Evernote – If you ever felt like you didn’t have time (or a piece of paper) to jot down quick phone numbers, website addresses,  or ideas, Evernote is the app for you.  This app helps you keep track of the many things you find online that you may want to access at another time. So the random receipts, pictures, articles and ideas that could get lost in now have a home.

Divorce Coping – There’s nothing like a little laughter to lighten up a dreary day in the midst of a divorce. The Divorce Coping app provides daily doses of humor to help in getting through tough times.

My Family Wizard – The widely popular online scheduling program has been updated to include a smartphone component that allows parents to access calendars and scheduling updates through their phones.

Artkive – This app allows you to archive all of your child’s artwork. This way, the early pictures and drawings that your child makes can live on after they grow up. 


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