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On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Divorces and child custody battles can be emotionally taxing. This is probably not news to you if you are reading this, but knowing how to handle the unsolicited advice, the emotional impulses and the constant questions is not something that you can learn all about on your own. Sometimes it takes the advice of experienced family law attorney.

While this post is not intended to be legal advice, the following adages can help you avoid the pitfalls that could hinder you during a child custody battle or divorce.

Keep family and friends at arm’s length – Indeed, you may need emotional support during the process, but friends and family members may not have the best legal advice; unless they’re attorneys, of course. Just remember that legal decisions should be left up to you, since you will have to live with them, ultimately.

Avoid social media temptations – It may seem natural to voice your frustrations on Facebook or Twitter, but social media rants could come back to haunt you in court. Since social media blasts are discoverable evidence, a family court judge may see it as a indication that you are not making child focused decisions.

Hold off on moving on – Being admired by someone new may be the perfect tonic to cure the doldrums, but new relationships should be kept under wraps until the divorce is finished, or the custody proceeding has concluded. Introducing new flames to your children could be viewed as an inability to make child focused decisions. Also, bringing new people into a complicated relationship tends to make things tougher for both parents.



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