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Helping children through a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Uncategorized

Houston area residents who are contemplating or going through a divorce with minor children at home have a wealth of things to be concerned about. Even an uncontested divorce is difficult and can require decisions to be made about child custody, visitation plans, potential parental relocation and more. Tending to the emotions of children as well as to one’s own emotions during the process is yet another task that parents must undertake.

A recent media story highlighted some specific ways that parents can talk to their kids about a divorce. These conversations are appropriate for children of any age in some fashion. The first recommendation was to ensure that kids are clearly told that a divorce is not their fault. Similarly, the author suggests that telling children directly that it is not their responsibility to try and fix or repair the parents’ marriage.

Reassuring children that both parents love them as much as always and that will never change is a highly important thing to do. The article also indicates that parents should offer help to children from a therapist, member of the clergy or other outside party at the child’s discretion. Perhaps surprising to some people was the recommendation to tell children that marriage is a wonderful thing and that even within a marriage that ultimately ended, some positive times did exist.

The end of a marriage is always difficult for spouses and for children. Parents can help themselves and their children through the experience with the right help. Talking to an attorney for legal help can be one way for adults to get what they need.

Source: Huffington Post, “10 Things All Divorcing Parents Should Say To Their Kids,” April 2, 2014

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