Helpful misconceptions about post divorce life

People who are considering divorce (or are in the process of splitting) may have strong notions about how they will feel or how they will get along after the decree is signed. Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs, and what we expect does not always come to fruition. Which is another way of saying, we may think we will feel or think a certain way before we actually go through the divorce, but those feelings can change. 

A recent report exemplifies how this may work. This post will highlight some the most telling examples.

I'm never getting married again - You may feel like this when you are going through the divorce, but your feelings can (and will) change if you meet a person who believes a marriage should work in the same way you do. After all, Halle Berry got married again.

Everyone knows the divorce is my fault - This may not be true. When you first tell people about the split, they will want to know if you are okay. It won't really matter who's at fault. As more time goes by after the split, fewer people will care. 

I wouldn't care if my ex gets hit by a bus - Yes, you will. You may be angry with the person, even for a long time after the split, but you will always care...even if it's just a little bit.

I will love my new life - This may ultimately be true, but there are bound to be growing pains while getting there.

Source:, Coping with divorce: 20 lies divorce people tell themselves, July 19, 2013 

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