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Post divorce lessons to learn

On Behalf of | May 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

With divorce being such an emotionally gruelling process, its easy to fall into a rut. Divorcees often complain of depression and the inability to move on (or reconcile the past). Regardless of the outcome of your divorce, life will go on, and you must adapt to your new surroundings.

This post focuses on important lessons that will help you as you adjust to a new life.

Don’t play the blame game – It’s pointless to get hung up on all the things you wish you had done to save the marriage, or to blame yourself for the relationship going south. Instead, focus on what you have learned for the experience, and let wisdom be your teacher.

Broken hearts don’t mend overnight – It may be tempting to jump into a rebound relationship to validate yourself, but avoid it. You may end up dating the same person (and winding up with the same problems).

Prince charming may not be standing by – In the classic Hollywood romance, the evil ex-husband or wife gets their due, and the victims runs into to the arms of the proper suitor. Unfortunately, life is not the movies, and the hot new love interest may not be available. However, as you make changes to your life, they find a way of finding you.

Be happy – It might seem obvious, but happiness is the key to moving on. It is important to understand that you are the source of your own happiness, and the longer you dwell on the past, the longer you deny yourself the best things in life.

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