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What are the responsibilities of a nonparent conservator?

In a perfect world, all children would live in stable homes where they were loved and cared for by both parents. Unfortunately, the world is not a perfect place and sometimes a child may endure hardships in the home. Some situations can be so dire that a child may not be able to live with either of his or her biological parents.

Visitation is important for infants and young children

A divorce can be very difficult for children. An older child may demonstrate obvious signs of stress or discontent caused by the life changes created by a divorce. But even though it may not be as readily apparent, very young children may also experience anxiety when parents part ways.

Child custody decisions are best made amicably

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some marriages are not meant to last. Strong emotions can surface between adults who are working through the process of a divorce. But it is the children of divorcing parents who may be facing the most difficult adjustments. As such, issues regarding child custody must be attended to with sensitivity.

Virtual visitation helps non-custodial parents see children

After a divorce, a non-custodial parent can face challenges when trying to maintain contact with their children. Ideally, ex-spouses will live within a short traveling distance so it is easy for the non-custodial parent to take advantage of their visitation rights with their children.

What happens if ex-spouses can't agree on visitation?

In regard to post-divorce agreements between ex-spouses with children, Texas courts require that all actions taken are in the child’s best interests. It can often be in everyone's best interests if parents are cooperative in deciding child custody issues. As such, a judge may determine that the non-custodial parent should receive what is called "reasonable visitation."

Mother allegedly abducted son

When parents here in Texas are unable to live together under one roof, a decision must be made regarding living accommodations for their children. Sometimes, this decision is made by a court based on the court’s determination of what is in the best interest of the child. It is incumbent on both parents to adhere to all child custody terms that are mandated by a court.

Understanding custody orders is critical for non-custodial parent

Most parents in Texas hold an abiding desire to care for their children and be a part of their life. A divorce between a couple who has children can be a highly emotional experience. Of all the issues requiring resolution prior to the final signing of papers, the determination of child custody is often the most important and as such it can be the most contentious.

Coping with negative emotions when a child vacations with an ex-spouse

Parents that are going through a divorce or are already divorced must often overcome many challenges when attempting to effectively co-parent with an ex-spouse. While it can be extremely difficult, divorcing or divorced parents must find ways to communicate and get along with an ex-spouse. Remember, you and your child's dad or mom may have divorced, but he or she is still your child's parent and therefore an important and integral part of your child's life. What's more, this will never change and the sooner parents are able to set aside and move beyond their own negative feelings towards an ex-spouse, the better off a child will be.

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