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Family Law & Divorce Houston TX Lawyers

Whether you are facing a fairly straightforward divorce or know you have many issues to resolve, the family law and divorce attorney lawyer you select can make a major difference in how the divorce process goes and how you come out of it. The same goes for other family law challenges such as adoption and post-divorce modifications.

We Are Here When You Need Us, Ready With Counsel and Action

Divorce or another family law challenge calls for a family law and divorce attorney willing to support you, offer guidance and help relieve stress so you can focus on other important aspects of your life. At Regan Armstrong & Associates PLLC, you will find Houston, Texas, family law and divorce lawyers who make a point of understanding what you are going through — and we put real energy into finding the best possible course of action for your future.

We handle uncontested divorces with an eye toward efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and address more complex divorce cases with care, diligence and a willingness to fight for your interests. Our services also extend to developing marital property agreements and sound estate planning and probate options that give our clients much-needed peace of mind.

If you are looking for a Northwest Houston law firm where your issues will be taken seriously and you will be treated with dignity, please contact Regan Armstrong & Associates PLLC, today.

Compassionate Child Support/Custody Lawyers — Harris County, Texas

If you have children, we will make child support and custody, parenting time and their best interests central to our discussions and effort. We also strive to help men and women with valuable assets reach a fair property division settlement and emerge from difficult times in the best possible financial shape. If circumstances have changed regarding the children since your divorce, we can move forward on your need for a modification of your divorce order.

Trusted Advisors and Negotiators with Strong Courtroom Experience

We know every family is different, and each person has individual needs that must be taken into consideration. Whether you need a proven adoption attorney or one well-prepared to deal with a critical family violence concern, we will suggest legal solutions that benefit you and your family.

Regan Armstrong is an energetic, progressive attorney who strives for amicable solutions through mediation or the collaborative law process, and yet is prepared to go to court in defense of your interests. To request a prompt, informative consultation, simply call or e-mail our law offices.

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