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Prenuptial agreement might have helped wealthy couple

For all their wealth, the ultrarich do not seem to have any special abilities when it comes to sustaining a marriage. So while the folks that are regularly featured in society columns and gossip pages may not be able to provide us with advice on how to keep a marriage together, their lives may prove instructive in other ways.

Prenups can include provisions for pets

Many of you reading this blog are likely familiar with some of the important benefits offered by prenuptial agreements. A couple who is entering a marriage can use the agreement as a means to gain clarity in regard to how assets should be divided if the relationship does not work out as hoped.

How could a postnuptial agreement help a married couple?

If you and your spouse have found yourselves at a point of uncertainty in your marriage, it may be a good time to consider making a postnuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement is a contract that designates each partner’s responsibilities and obligations. Creating such a contract may even be healthy for a marriage and not fraught with confrontation.

A prenuptial agreement can make a leap of faith a better bet

When you choose to take a big chance in your life that has uncertain consequences, it can be said you are taking a “leap of faith.” A leap of faith is an act of optimism and a willingness to take a risk with the belief that the result will have a positive outcome. Certainly it is optimism that allows us to take the chances that can ultimately make our lives so much richer.

Prenup may help prevent bad online behavior after divorce

One of the benefits of being in a happy marriage is that you have someone with whom you can share your most personal feelings. In fact, trust is one of the most important components of any successful relationship. Sadly, not all marriages last and trust can devolve into acrimony. Prenuptial agreements are a recognition of this fact and can be crafted in such a manner as to help allay some post-marriage problems.

Prenuptial agreements must be carefully prepared

The social and monetary dynamics of our society have shifted dramatically over the previous years. The pervading roles that men and women once held in the workplace as well as in marriage have changed. Within marriages, women are more frequently becoming breadwinners and men are more readily accepting domestic responsibilities. The need to protect assets and the designation of monetary responsibilities that can result from a divorce is often less cut and dry than in previous generations.

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