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Carefully consider the terms of your parenting plan

Every complicated endeavor needs a plan in order to succeed. And one of the most difficult things parents may have to plan for is how to handle child custody issues after finalizing a divorce. In a perfect world, both parents would be in total agreement on such issues as visitation, physical custody and decision making for the child. Unfortunately, sometimes a divorce is filled with acrimony, making child custody issues extremely contentious.

Maintaining custody obligations during holidays helps everyone

As the holidays approach, many Houstonians are likely making big plans. For parents, this is a special time to be with their children. However, for parents who do not live under the same roof, the holidays can provide extra challenges. When children split time between parents who are divorced or otherwise not together, it is very important that all parties are on the same page when it comes to holiday arrangements.

Parents may need to adjust custody agreement when school starts

Fall is back to school time, and this means both parents and children will be making schedule adjustments. The shift in gears from summer vacation to fall education can lead to considerable changes for divorced parents. When parents are sharing custody of their children, the demands made on the children's time by their schooling and associated activities can greatly alter how their time may be divided.

Key factors used to determine custody for a child under three

Sometimes spouses find themselves unable to reconcile their differences and decide that a parting of the ways is the best available option. While getting a divorce can help people move on with their lives, there are usually important issues that must be worked out. If the divorcing couple has children, then determining custody is one such issue.

What laws govern interstate custody disputes?

When married couples with children decide to divorce, the best-case scenario is that all custody issues are solved amicably. Unfortunately, sometimes serious conflicts arise. Even after a judge grants one of the parents sole custody, the other parent may not wish to adhere to the ruling. That parent may even attempt to circumvent the judgment by taking the child to another state.

What are the responsibilities of a nonparent conservator?

In a perfect world, all children would live in stable homes where they were loved and cared for by both parents. Unfortunately, the world is not a perfect place and sometimes a child may endure hardships in the home. Some situations can be so dire that a child may not be able to live with either of his or her biological parents.

Visitation is important for infants and young children

A divorce can be very difficult for children. An older child may demonstrate obvious signs of stress or discontent caused by the life changes created by a divorce. But even though it may not be as readily apparent, very young children may also experience anxiety when parents part ways.

Child custody decisions are best made amicably

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some marriages are not meant to last. Strong emotions can surface between adults who are working through the process of a divorce. But it is the children of divorcing parents who may be facing the most difficult adjustments. As such, issues regarding child custody must be attended to with sensitivity.

Virtual visitation helps non-custodial parents see children

After a divorce, a non-custodial parent can face challenges when trying to maintain contact with their children. Ideally, ex-spouses will live within a short traveling distance so it is easy for the non-custodial parent to take advantage of their visitation rights with their children.

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