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Divorcing around the holidays isn't easy

The holiday season is a fun, yet stressful one, for most people. One thing that can make this even more challenging is if you find out that you are going to go through a divorce now. Since there is a 60-day waiting period for divorces, you aren't going to be divorced by Christmas even if the petition is filed today. We know that you might not want this hanging over your head for the rest of the year.

Divorcing an addict might be necessary

Being married to an addict is difficult. Making the decision to divorce one is just as hard. People might try to tell you that you can't just walk away from the person who has the problem. The truth is that you might have to walk away for your own health.

Complex property division matters must be worked through

Divorce is a time that will try your patience. Even if you don't have children together, you and your ex might have a lot of decisions to make just because of the property division process. Some couples have amassed quite a portfolio of assets and just as many debts. These situations can lead to very complex needs. We know that you might be ready to just get everything over with; however, you shouldn't let your desire for a speedy divorce mean that you walk away with less than you deserve.

Think carefully about your future during the divorce

The divorce process is one that is often lengthy but making sure that you take your time to work through everything can benefit you in the future. Because of the emotional ties that you have with the marriage, you might find that it is difficult to separate those from the logical side of the matter. We know that you only want to do what is best for your needs in these cases.

Happily married couple mulls divorce due to child's medical needs

When you think of divorce, you probably think of unhappy couples. The last thing that you would associate with divorce is a loving couple who is contemplating divorce for the benefits it could bring their children. Unfortunately, one Texas couple is exploring this possibility.

Divorces are resolved in many different ways

Ending a marriage is a legal battle that you have to go through in order to be fully free from your ex. There is only one exception to being able to be free -- if you have children together. Whether you are still preparing to file or have already started the process, you need to make sure that you are protecting your interests.

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