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Determine the parenting time schedule as quickly as possible

Child custody matters are sometimes hard to deal with. There is one area that might present unique challenges – coming up with the parenting time schedule. When you and your ex are trying to do this, you may find that you need to sit down with a calendar to ensure that both parents have as much time as possible with the children.

Mutual respect is a cornerstone of child custody cases

When you have children and go through a divorce, you have to deal with your ex on the child custody matters. You should work as a team to make this happen. Unfortunately, not all exes can do this. When there are contentious elements to the split, things might be difficult.

Sibling rivalry might get worse during a divorce

Parents have to deal with sibling rivalry even in the best of circumstances. When they divorce, the children might have a worsening rivalry that is difficult to handle. There are many reasons that rivalries get worse during divorce, so finding the one or combination that are causing the problem in your home can be a challenge.

Focus on self-improvement when kids are with their other parent

One of the most difficult things for parents to cope with as part of a child custody agreement is having time without the kids when they are with the other parent. Instead of looking at this in a negative manner, you can use this time to improve yourself. Feeling better about yourself and the direction of your life can vastly improve your parenting relationship.

Tips for long-distance parenting agreements

After a divorce, one parent might move away from their children. This isn't an easy situation for anyone involved, but trying to find ways to help the children grow their relationship with both parents has to be the main priority. There are several ways that this positive long-distance parenting can happen, but they rely on the adults working together.

Handling changes in the parenting plan schedule

Your children look to their parents for guidance about almost every situation they are in. This does include older children who you might not think are really paying attention. Your reaction to changes and similar matters can have a profound impact on what they think and do. For this reason, you must be especially careful with how you handle changes in the parenting plan that are sometimes necessary.

Plan a parenting time schedule that puts the kids first

The holidays present a unique challenge for parents who have recently gone through a divorce. Children might be unsure of what is going to happen and might act out because of this. We know that it is hard to think of your children struggling right now. Speaking to your children to find out what they need for the holidays and beyond might be beneficial.

3 tips for making child custody work for everyone involved

Child custody cases are very difficult for some parents because they might have to do things that make them uncomfortable for the good of the children. This includes things like having to see your ex at special events for the children. While it is certainly possible for most adults to handle these types of occurrences, it sometimes has a big mental impact on you.

Find ways to reduce stress as a single parent

One thing that can impact your parenting style when you are a single parent is stress. When you are married or have a significant other, you can hand the children over to them when you get overwhelmed. This isn't possible when you are the child's sole parent. With that in mind, you can find ways to adjust your parenting style to encourage a reduction in stress.

How can we handle child custody matters in a new school year?

Now that the school season is back in full swing, it is time for newly divorced parents to evaluate how they are going to handle some of the basic challenges that come with this time of year. There are many different things that you need to consider so that you and your children have as little stress as possible.

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