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Long-distance parenting: Review the terms of summer visits

With the summer months right around the corner, now is the time to think about child care if you already haven't. For parents who don't have their kids during the school year, this might be a challenging time. In the case of long-distance parenting, you might have to plan for what you will do when you need to work, and the kids are with you.

Working as a parenting team sets a good standard for the kids

Parents who are able to work as a team will likely see that their children are adjusting well to the divorce. The co-parenting method is one that works well in these circumstances because the divorced parents remain a team when it comes to the children. This often helps the children feel more secure and provides better consistency for them.

Your child must feel at home at your house

If you move out of the marital home when you divorce, you might find that your children are having trouble adjusting to life at your home. There are some ways that you might be able to help them feel more at home there. It will take time, especially since they aren't with you on a daily basis, so be willing to give them time.

Create traditions your children can look forward to

One difficult aspect of child custody cases that many parents have is that they can't stand the thought of the kids spending holidays with their ex. This isn't something that can be easily rectified since both parents will want the children on those special days. You might be able to do one thing to help minimize the impact this has on you – create alternate holidays for you to celebrate with the kids.

Have patience as you adjust to life after the divorce

Parenting is never easy, but when you throw a divorce into the situation, things get even more complicated. One thing that many people don't take the time to consider when they are going through a divorce is that they are now single parents. Yes, the children may go to the other parent's home sometimes -- but you are alone when they are with you. This means that your new life is going to be a test of your patience.

Parenting plans: Ground rules for your child custody matters

Your children count on you to provide them with a stable and loving support system. Doing this when you are divorced from their other parent might not be easy, but trying to make a co-parenting situation work can greatly benefit the children. We know that this can have some unique challenges for you.

Determine the parenting time schedule as quickly as possible

Child custody matters are sometimes hard to deal with. There is one area that might present unique challenges – coming up with the parenting time schedule. When you and your ex are trying to do this, you may find that you need to sit down with a calendar to ensure that both parents have as much time as possible with the children.

Mutual respect is a cornerstone of child custody cases

When you have children and go through a divorce, you have to deal with your ex on the child custody matters. You should work as a team to make this happen. Unfortunately, not all exes can do this. When there are contentious elements to the split, things might be difficult.

Sibling rivalry might get worse during a divorce

Parents have to deal with sibling rivalry even in the best of circumstances. When they divorce, the children might have a worsening rivalry that is difficult to handle. There are many reasons that rivalries get worse during divorce, so finding the one or combination that are causing the problem in your home can be a challenge.

Focus on self-improvement when kids are with their other parent

One of the most difficult things for parents to cope with as part of a child custody agreement is having time without the kids when they are with the other parent. Instead of looking at this in a negative manner, you can use this time to improve yourself. Feeling better about yourself and the direction of your life can vastly improve your parenting relationship.

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