What are the responsibilities of a nonparent conservator?

In a perfect world, all children would live in stable homes where they were loved and cared for by both parents. Unfortunately, the world is not a perfect place and sometimes a child may endure hardships in the home. Some situations can be so dire that a child may not be able to live with either of his or her biological parents.

If a child?s biological parents are unable to provide a safe home, the child may be able to live with another party. Authorized agencies, licensed child-placing agencies and nonparents can be granted conservatorship of a child. But if someone other than a child?s parent becomes a conservator, what are his or her responsibilities and rights?

According to statutes cited online, these are some of the responsibilities and rights of nonparent conservators in Texas:

  • They are responsible for providing food, shelter and clothing for their children.
  • They are responsible for the protection, care, and control of their children.
  • They are responsible for taking reasonable actions to discipline their children.
  • They have the right to choose their children's primary residence and to make choices regarding their children?s education.
  • They have the right to grant consent for their children to receive surgical, medical, dental and psychological treatment.

When a court makes a decision on who should be responsible for the care and housing of a child, that decision is based on the child?s best interest. If you are interested in becoming the conservator to a child that needs a home, you will need to demonstrate that you can offer that child a stable, healthy environment in which to live.

A Texas child custody attorney may be able to offer advice and guidance on how to present your case when attempting to gain legal custody of someone else?s child.

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