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Property Division Houston TX Lawyer

Northwest Houston Divorce Lawyers for Your Financial Future

If property division is a key issue in your divorce, you can turn to our Cy-Fair area firm for a full assessment of your legal options and opportunities. You can work with a lawyer who will negotiate aggressively or go to court to target the outcome you deserve.

Our Texas family law attorneys understand the complexities of community property division and strategies for helping couples come to terms. If assets are limited and agreement within reach, we provide efficient, cost-effective services to help you complete an uncontested divorce. However, we are equally prepared to deal with disputes over critical assets alongside other essential matters like child custody and spousal support.

The Right Strategies and the Right Resources to Defend You Financially

We handle diverse cases through the process of collaborative law, guide clients through mediation, and are proven in trial. In addition to defending your rightful interests in a home, vehicles, and other valuable property, we will target accurate valuation and fair, favorable division when it comes to complex assets such as:

  • A family business or professional practice
  • 401(k) and 403(b) plans, Teacher Retirement System (TRS) pensions, military benefits and other investments
  • Money or property that either spouse believes is separate and non-marital
  • Hidden assets that may require resourceful investigation to locate and document

Whereas some law firms choose to keep all research and advisory efforts "in house" and bill you accordingly, we know from experience that hiring a qualified accountant, business valuation expert, tax planner or other resource is often the best path. There are many immediate and long-term benefits to collecting the most accurate, well-documented information — and this approach often results in both time and cost savings for you.

Helping You Visualize a Stable, Manageable Life after Divorce

Life after divorce is often financially challenging, and we make it our business to help you emerge as intact as possible — through strong case preparation, advocacy, and control of management related to your divorce.

We take our commitment to working closely with you and making a positive difference in the overall outcome very seriously. If you are concerned about getting a fair shake on property division in your pending divorce — or you want to avoid future disputes by setting up a premarital or marital property agreement — please call 281-894-1590 for a consultation.

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