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Divorce Modifications Lawyers Houston TX

Northwest Houston Lawyers Seeking Modifications of Divorce Orders

As full-service family law attorneys, we serve as counselors and advisors not only on the issue of divorce, but afterward when modification is needed due to a change in circumstances. Regardless of whether your original divorce orders were fair and equitable or you feel you gave up too much, a change in your situation or that of your ex-spouse may enable you to pursue a modification.

The most common, straightforward modifications involve child support — as when a job loss or other "substantial material change" impacts either parent's income. In other situations, the court will carefully evaluate a requested change in child custody, possession/parenting time orders, or other issues. To explain what has changed and explore next steps, contact us today.

Efficient Assessment and Action on Child Support, Custody and Other Modifications

You can talk openly through sensitive issues with us, in order to gain clarity and grasp your range of options. Attorneys Regan Armstrong have successfully handled a wide range of modifications — including child support, custody and visitation orders — and we have experience with the family courts of Harris, Waller and Montgomery Counties.

Prompt action to put the legal wheels in motion can be very important when you need a modification. For example:

  • Allowing past-due child support obligations to pile up because you cannot pay can be financially crippling, because any modification will not be retroactive and serious enforcement measures may be taken against you.
  • Suspected family violence or child neglect by the custodial parent can have far-reaching consequences, and we are strong child advocates dedicated to fast action in potentially serious situations.
  • Denial of the visitation/parenting time specified in your divorce decree is unlawful — and orders should be modified as soon as possible if the specified arrangement has become unworkable.

We Can Gauge Your Likelihood of Success with Post-Divorce Modifications

When something comes up and you need information and counsel, it will only take one call to set up an appointment. Then, with dedicated lawyers and experienced staff on your side, all staying on top of what is happening in your divorce modification case, you can readily get information when you need it.

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